Choosing the right career field can be difficult. Think about it, how are you supposed to know what you want to do for most of your adult life? What if you get into a very expensive college career, and find that you don’t like it? Let’s talk about options here! There are very lucrative career fields that don’t require such long college career studies, and one of those is that of the home health aide. The home health care field is growing in leaps and bounds because of the growth in the elder population. In other words, we really need home health aids that can help people remain independent and remain in their homes for longer periods of time.

    What does the Home Health Aide do? These are care givers who provide normal, every day personal support, and health care. They help with bathing, dressing, grooming or anything else the disabled person needs done in their home, or in the residential care facility. The home health aid is usually supervised either by a nurse or a member of the medical staff. They administer prescribed oral medication, check pulse, temperature, and respiration. They change dressings etc.


    CNA - HHA Programs and Training

    There are some programs that give you a few months of training. Most programs last for up to nine months, and this helps you be prepared for any home health care needs. But to work in this field, you don’t always need to go to school. Federal law suggests that people in the field have 75 hours of study, but there are many people that work in the field who don’t have any formal education in the area.

    Most communities offer home health aide courses. You may also find courses at vocational schools, elder care programs or even the home health care agency itself. If you are a home maker then this may be an ideal job, because the home health care aid deals with daily living activities. The home health care aide will work in the health care area, but may also offer other services that are not related to health care. These activities will include handling routine tasks like laundry, washing dishes, making meals, making beds, etc. When you have the right training you will have enough confidence in yourself to help the disabled or the elderly on everything from housekeeping to nutrition.

    When you work in home health care, you will be required to take both a drug test, and often a physical exam, and background check. Employers will also look at your personality. They want to be sure you are patient, and understanding. You need to be a good communicator and you need to love helping others.

    In Conclusion, if you want a career field where you make a difference and where you will always be needed, then home health care is the field for you.

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